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Neadil started as a response to many of my musician friends. They had problems with sites not paying them for their intellectual property. Either the royalties are miniscule or they take a percentage of all sales.
Our response?
To create a market place where the creative artist can sell their product and receive compensation for their work, effort, and talent.
This allows consumers to find new artists and know that they are supporting their favorite artists and not some other entity.

Some streaming services pay so little that a solo artist would need over 330,000 a month streams to make just a minimum monthly wage. More streams if they have more members.

Here, we provide a place where the consumer can purchase new muisc and merchandise from the artists.

Can the artitsts do this themselves?
Certainly, but think of this as sort of a farmer's market.
Sure the farmers can sell from their property, but the only consumers will be those that know them or those that happen to pass by.
By taking their product to the market, they increase their traffic flow and hopefully their income.

We spent a great deal of time trying to construct a plan that benifits both the artist and the consumer.

Many, many converstations were had. 
Ideas created and discarded.

We hope that we found a balance that benifits all, but we are always open to growth and change.

Presently this is a one person operation, but I see that changing as we (and I mean "I", presently), grow.

Any questions or concerns, please contact me at petewalsh97@gmail.com


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