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Neadil works best on a laptop or computer….for now.


Listen for 30 seconds before you buy.


Click on the cube in the upper right corner to get options. This will allow for the following:

Under Dashboard you can view latest stats for your uploads, Tracks you like, play lists, and comments.


Under My Profile you can modify your basic info, add social media links to your account, and change account settings. (Account settings include: change you email address, decide what you get notified for, decide to listen to music privately, who you receive messages from, set default track license, delete your account, or change your password.)


My music is for artists to moderate the tracks they uploaded.


Play sets allows you to create a play list(s) of the music you love.

Groups allows you to create a group or join a group and share music.


Track your likes tracks…..well, the songs you have liked.


My followings lists those that you follow, and My followers list those that follow you.


Advance statistics and Performance allow for artists to

check their …..again obvious, statistics.


Suggested follows gives suggestions of people/artists to follow.


Comments is a listing of the comments you have made on tracks.


Purchase history lists the songs you have purchased.


Sold history shows artists a history of what has been sold.


Plan history and My plans shows artists the current plans they have and allows for for renewal or to purchase a different plan.

At the top of the screen you can check past and current Blog articles. (Blog articles will vary between artist information, consumer information, and a combination of both.


You can discover new music, check your activity, check notifications, and send messages.


At the bottom of the page you can sign up for our email newsletter. The newsletter may include: News, events, information we think you might like (which is just like news, but different), and anything else we think is worth sharing.


That’s it for now.


If you have any questions or concerns, please send a message to petewalsh and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.





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